PHATTHINH Group tries to become the leading private economic group in Vietnam


PHATTHINH Group tries to make miraculous things to enhance value of Vietnam goodwill.
PHATTHINH Group is the trusted partner in opening up capital flow which brings developments to all organizations, corporate; and
We commit to act together with community with highest responsibility in building a prospect future of Vietnam


Aspirations of success – Five core spirits
Human is source of Organization strength. Respects personal initiative and appreciate individual values. Brings opportunities to each employee to develop their talents and career.
Client is the first priority.
Creative, improvement in all areas: Idea, Quality, customer service;
Equivalent and dependent in responsibilities of client, staff, shareholder and social community.
Integrity, ethics and transparent in every aspect of business.


PHATTHINH Credit Rating (PTR)

Provide Credit Rating service for:

  • Enterprises and institutions;
  • Debt Instruments;

Relative Services:

  • Intensive information consultancy on rating activities;
  • Consultant of international credit rating;
  • Analytical & professional assessment of the business.


PHATTHINH Investment (PTI)

To invest in developing the system of products and services:

  • Resorts, Hotels;
  • Serviced Apartments;
  • Offices.

PHATTHINH Business Consulting (PTC)

Provide services:

  • M & A;
  • Business valuation consultancy.
  • Consultant to arrange capital.
  • Provide specific data, information about enterprises and markets to help investors have reliable business and financial decisions.


We truly share Mission, Vision, culture value, threats and success to all members of PTG family.

PHATTHINH Credit Rating (PTR): the first Credit rating organization licensed by Vietnam Ministry of Finance operates in Vietnam region. We are now seeking for a strategy partner from the best Credit Rating Agency (CRA) all over the world.

PHATTHINH Business Consulting (PTC): Tư vấn chuyên sâu về Định giá doanh nghiệp và hoạt động M&A.

PHATTHINH Business Consulting (PTC): Professional consulting in Corporate Valuation and M & A activities.

PHATTHINH Group constructs culture which appreciates personal value and attracts talents.

We are warmly looking for cooperation from cooperators who are Analysts and Professionals having robust knowledge and experience in the fields of economic to participate in supplying Credit rating service and Debt instrument for organizations, institutions.

We welcome and recruit all people who have good professional knowledge in areas: macro economy, sector economy, business administration strategy, organize management, market, human resource, corporate finance and analyzing quantitative model; with profession passion


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Phatthinh Credit Rating published Code of Professional Conduct

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